About Us

Oxford Prep 313Our Mission

OPA’s mission is to encourage students to think, analyze, understand, and apply the information taught. Knowledge is useless, if you don’t know how to apply it. It is the application that makes knowledge powerful.

About Us

OPA was created from the passion of our founder, Rosette Poole, who struggled for years to find a quality educational program that could accommodate her dyslexic son. By age ten, her son had attended four schools in five years. As a result, she developed a crusaders perspective, and decided to be the change she wanted to see in the education system. She is passionate about teaching in ways that a child can learn, working tirelessly with educators, reviewing curriculums, and acquiring the necessary training so that OPA would be an organization like no other, a preeminent summer learning and enrichment camp that would lead children to a lifetime of success.

We believe every student should be given an opportunity to reach their full academic potential. Through the use of small group sizes, multi-sensory teaching, and diverse field trips students are exposed to teaching and real world activities that maximize their learning ability.

By starting young and developing skills early students get the greatest cumulative benefit.



Oxford Preparatory Academy is an equal opportunity employer